The HD Steampunk Basket Is Open...

Let the splendiferous steampunkery begin...

The HD Steampunk Basket Is Open...

We have a couple of spots left in our Steampunk Harvey. Due out June/July 2024, this will be the first in the new generation Harvey 2.0 reincarnation...

Our first thirteen volumes were fab, we loved them, we love Harvey... but... and it's a big but... all was not quite well.

We've drawn a line in the sand. Old Harveys are now out of print and the stuff of legend, and they have entered the realms of rare books of antiquity. Yay if you have one, and especially if you have one of those volumes where all the authors signed their stories.

New Harvey is post-Covid (leave all that behind), start afresh, learn from what was and enjoy was is to be.

We have some fab stories lined up for the first in the basket series - steampunk - and a couple of spots left if you fancy joining us.

As much as we like the purest definition of steampunk (Victorian-esque steam-powered stories full of airships, monocles and cogs), we also love variations that delve into alternate histories, alternate energies and charismatic reimaginations along the lines of dieselpunk and whatnot.

Check out our submission guidelines here... or give us a shout if you'd like to know more.

We'll be at Kapow in Stockton on 6th July with this book. We'd love to see you there.

Upcoming basket deadlines:

Dystopian/Post-Apoc - submission deadline 31st August 2024
Urban Fantasy - submission deadline 29th November 2024

Read more about the Harvey baskets here.